Psychologists have uncovered many secrets about the way the brain works, which may surprise anyone. 

Some such revelations have also been made about the ways of thinking of girls.

Many boys think that girls like good-looking, muscular body, and rich boys. Yes, it is true to some extent but in reality, it is not so.

Now to understand how it works, you have to first understand that the human mind works in the same way for everyone. 

And in our subconscious mind, there are some feelings associated with every color.

When any color comes in front of our eyes, our mind automatically makes some assumptions related to that color.

Similarly, when girls see boys wearing clothes of any color, then some chemical starts releasing in their mind which can be pleasurable or painful.

A psychologist has revealed that green and black color has a good impression on the mind of girls.

Girls automatically assume that that boy is intelligent, wise, and rich. 

All the assumptions are in the subconscious mind, so girls do not even realize what they feel, they just feel good.

Some examples of T-shirts are given below.