Is the air cooler safe for pregnant women? let’s find out – 2022

air cooler is safe for pregnant women

Is using air cooler is safe for pregnant women?

Is it right to use an air cooler during pregnancy? And is it safe?

And to get an answer to this question, you must read some of the following facts, so that you will be able to take the right decision.

In harsh summers, what more could we want than a gentle stroke of cold air? During pregnancy, many changes take place inside the body. Which consumes a lot of energy and makes pregnant women feel hot.


  • Air cooler is a good option during pregnancy, but do not use it in humid weather, as it increases the chances of infection.
  • Fresh air is needed by pregnant women, so it is good to use an air cooler.
  • A good sleep requires comfortable cooling, so use coolers smartly.
  • To reduce humidity and sweating during pregnancy, use an air cooler.

Pregnant women are required to get fresh air. And air coolers do this very well, the coolers draw air from outside, and this cycle continues. But there is a catch here, air coolers are not appropriate during humid weather.

Because air coolers work on the evaporation process for cold, which increases the humidity in the air. In humid climates, due to the presence of too much moisture in the air, the cooler stops cooling and even rises to a few degrees.

There is a possibility of bacteria and growth due to moisture. Which is not safe for pregnant women.

The air conditioner is the best option during humid weather. In countries like India, due to the tropical climate, the air cooler performs very well.

Good sleep is very important for pregnant women. It is difficult to sleep when you are feeling very hot, it is good to sleep comfortably using a cooler. There is nothing wrong with this.

If you maintain a comfortable temperature in the room then air cooler is safer for pregnant women.

Many things happen during pregnancy such as less mobility, getting sweaty. Air coolers make many things easier for pregnant women without any harm.

Due to reduced mobility or due to less physical exertion, weight gain occurs, and to perform simple exercises, a comfortable environment is required, and the air cooler brings fresh air indoors.

Humidity and sweating are common during pregnancy, and it is advisable to be comfortable using an air cooler, or air conditioner.


The air cooler is safe for pregnant women and is also essential for good sleep and fresh air. What else can be better for pregnant women than coolers, coolers bring fresh air inside. Unlike AC, it transmits air from outside to inside. AC repeatedly circulates the air inside.

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