Why are air coolers more popular in India? (2020 Reasons & Suggestions )

When it comes to India, most people here only use air coolers in summer. Air conditioners are not used here like in western countries because they are expensive and people in India are not so rich.

But it would be wrong to say that air coolers do not work well, whereas in a country like India, there is no better option than air cooler. Air coolers not only protect you from high heat, but are also better for health than AC.

The air conditioner uses gases to cool the room which is not a natural method and can give rise to a lot of health problems. Therefore, if we see, the people of India are more profitable than in western countries.

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#. Climate factor

But this is not the reason why air coolers are so popular in India. The real reason is India’s weather which is hot. Moisture in the air is low here, due to which coolers give good performance here.

Are you now thinking of what is the connection between cooler and weather?

Of course there is a connection as the air cooler works on the evaporation process. Water evaporates by absorbing heat from the air, which causes the air to cool.

Think if there is already more humidity in the air, then the water in the cooling pads will not evaporate by absorbing the heat, which will keep the air hot.

#. Benifits

Because of this, the air cooler is a better option for those countries in which humidity level is low. People’s income to India is an important reason due to which people are unable to buy air conditioners, but it is unknowingly better for them because nothing is better than good health.

You must have felt this many times when you use the air conditioner for a long time, then you get a mild headache. While using air cooler, there is no health problem because it is a natural method.

Final words

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