Best Air coolers on Amazon 2020 ( Features, Ratings & Suggestions )

Are you looking for the best air cooler on Amazon ?? Then you should check out my collection of the best air coolers available on Amazon.

Today, many e-commerce online companies are selling air coolers, and the leading eCommerce company is Amazon. Amazon is known for its great customer service and great products.

Amazon is the best place to shop online. Many air cooler brands are selling on Amazon, now you have to choose one. But how would you choose that ??

After doing an in-depth research of air coolers on Amazon, I have come up with some of the best air coolers available on Amazon.

Only Indian companies produce air coolers, and they make great efforts to improve air coolers so that you can enjoy better service of air coolers.

The best air coolers come under the price range of 6000 to 15000. But it depends whether you need an air cooler for small or large size rooms.


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This article will help you in many ways, you will be able to choose the best air cooler on Amazon that meets all your summer requirements, at the same time you are just one click behind in buying it.

Each air cooler listed in this article is available on Amazon, and I gave a direct button that will redirect you to the product page on the Amazon site.

I understand that money should be used in a profitable way. Everything you buy should be worth your money. All the air coolers listed on this site are worth your attention and money.

Symphony Air coolers on Amazon

Best Air coolers on Amazon

1. Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler

image of Best air coolers in india

If you are looking for a room air cooler to fight the heat of summer then this air cooler will be the best option for you.

The air cooler comes with advance features like user-friendly touch control, remote control.

If you are living in an area where voltage fluctuations are common, then SMPS technology provides protection from voltage fluctuations.

The air cooler has a cooling capacity of 50 cubic meters of room size and has a water capacity of 31 liters.

It may cost a bit more, but its great features are worth it. It is powered by i-Tune technology that consists of multistage air purification filters such as allergy filters, bacteria filters, odor filters, wash filters that distribute fresh and filtered cold air.

Its powerful pump ensures longevity. No need to think about the maintenance of air coolers. Enjoy your summer.

For more info, check out the site of this air cooler company. CLICK HERE

1. The room air cooler will provide a great cooling experience. you can enjoy your summer.
2. 4 castor wheels
3. Quality body material, powerful pump, smart control
4. Honeycomb cooling pad ensures effective cooling capacity.

1. 2-way air deflection system.
2. One side honeycomb pad.
3. I-Pure Technology.
4. SMPS technology.
5. Touch and remote control.

Capacity: 31 liters

Dimensions: 915 mm by 500 mm 380 mm

Power consumption: 185 watts / hour.

Room size: 50 cubic meter

warranty: 1 Year


1. The air cooler provides an amazing cooling experience.
2. Available in black and white color variation.
3. Smart technology used.


1. It may cost a little more but it has all the values.

2. Symphony Ice Cube 17-Litre Air Cooler (White)

best air cooler under 6000

The best choice for small size rooms of 150 square feet within a maximum temperature range of 40 degrees. It comes with a capacity of 17-liters of water.

Its cooling capacity is not bad!

The air cooler works best on an area where cross ventilation is available; otherwise, the cooler will not work efficiently.

If you are a hostler or live in a small room, you can go for this air cooler.

It has powerful air throw quality, which ensures a good cooling experience. Its three-side honeycomb cooling pad and great fan cool ensure airflow.

The multi-directional wheel increases its maneuverability, which ensures that you can move it around quickly.

Some advanced technologies such as dura pump technology, cool flow dispenser, mosquito nets/dust filters, auto louvers make it a new generation air cooler.

1. Its honeycomb cooling pads are very efficient in airflow. When the atmosphere comes into the cooler through the honeycomb cooling pads, the moisture available on these pads cools the air, and you finally enjoy the cool soothing air.

2. It does not consume high power, which is the best thing.

3. Multi-directional wheels.

1.  4 way Air Deflection Technology
2. 4 Multi-directional castor wheel
3. Mosquito net, auto louver movement.

Capacity: 17 liters

Dimensions: 45 cm x 28.7 cm x 70.1 cm

Power consumption: 105 watts / hour.

Room size:  150 sq.ft.

warranty: 1 Year



1. Available at low prices with the best features.
2. Run on Invertor as well.
3. Low power consumption.
4. Easy to move around due to 4 castor wheels.


  1. 1. The air cooler works better in the area where cross-ventilation is available.
  2. 2. Air coolers available only Available in White color.
  3. 3. No Remote control.

Symphony Jumbo Air Cooler

Amazon Rating
best air coolers for home
  • 41L Water Tank
  • For room size upto 250 sq. ft.
  • Power consumption 110 watts/hr.
  • Powerful fan with 3 speed control.
  • Automatic vertical swing.
  • Dura-Pump Technology.
  • Castor wheels.

Click Here for Full Specifications.

Symphony Silver-i Air Cooler

Amazon Rating
  • 9L Water Tank
  • For room size upto 23 cubic mtr.
  • Power consumption 68 watts/hr.
  • Honeycomb pads with 3 speed control.
  • Air Purification filters.
  • Water Level Indicator.
  • Castor wheels.

Cromptom Air coolers on Amazon

Best Air coolers on Amazon

1. Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler (White)

best air cooler in india

It is an all-time highly recommended air cooler, it has the ability to cool to room sizes up to 650 square feet. It has a 65-liter water tank that ensures long-term cooling.

Its wooden wool cooling pad ensures better cool airflow.

It has a capacity to throw 55 feet of air. It comes with some unique features such as large openings at the top and extra-large ice chambers. 

The large opening at the top enables you to clean the water distribution tray and thereby increase the longevity of the product.

Its power consumption is 230 watts/hour, by which it gives a lower electricity bill.

The auto drain switch ensures that water can be drained easily from the rear. 5 castor wheels increase its mobility so that You can easily move it around.

It has some advanced features such as auto swing louvers for 4 way air deflection and motorizes louver movements.

This air cooler comes in my list of the best air coolers in India, check it out now.

1. Its Wooden wool cooling pads ensures cool airflow.

2. It does not consume high power, which is the best thing.

3. 5 castor wheels.

4. Brilliant cooling capability.

1.  4 way Air Deflection Technology
2. 4 Multi-directional castor wheel
3. It has extra-large Ice chamber.

Capacity: 65 liters

Dimensions: 70.5 x 47 x 117 cm

Power consumption: 230 watts / hour.

Room size:  650 sq.ft.

warranty: 1 Year

Weight: 19.9 kg


1. Low power consumption.
2. Easy to move around due to 4 castor wheels.


1. Only cons is that, This air cooler is bit pricey.

Benefits of buying air cooler on amazon

1. Home delivery: Direct home delivery at no extra charge. This is the best thing about shopping online, you don’t need to go anywhere, you just have to place an order on your phone.

2. Warranty Period: Products come with a warranty period, yes almost all air coolers on Amazon have a 1 year warranty, which means that if there is any damage to the product the company will repair the product at no extra cost.

3. Rating: A lot of ratings on every product will help you make the right choice. In India, people have a tendency to examine the pros and cons of a product, and ratings solve their problem of asking many people about that product. Instead of asking, you can see the ratings of many people.

4. Easy to use: Easy to use and you can order anytime. You do not need to go anywhere, with a few clicks, you will get your product at your home in a few days.

5. Return Policy: The product has a return policy. Which means if you do not like the product or you feel that it is not the product you ordered. So you can just return that product.

6. Affordable Price: Products available at the best price compared to the market. Online shopping is much cheaper than market shopping.

7. Product comparison feature: You can compare two or more products at the same time.

8. Great customer service: 24/7 customer service will help you with the product anytime.

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