5 Best air coolers under 2000 in India:2020 Reviews & Price

The summer in India is getting harder day by day, and you are planning to buy an air cooler to live comfortably. And if your budget is around 2000, then you are in exactly the right place. I will help you get the best air coolers under 2000 by my well-researched cooler list.

All of the selected air coolers in this article have been listed after extensive customer research, internet reviews, and in-depth research on brands. This will help you make the right decision.

Air coolers that come in the price range of around 2000 are best for small rooms and only for 1 person as they throw air in one direction. Occasionally, some air coolers have also been provided with auto louvers technology by which the cooler is capable of continuously changing the air throw direction.

There are no special best brands for air cooler under 2000. Many small companies also produce quality air coolers in this price range. So feel free to choose one.

Here is the list of the best air cooler under 2000.

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#1. Symphony Silver Personal & Kitchen Air Cooler

air coolers under 2000

Experts’ Review

This is a symphony’s kitchen or personal air cooler and is best for smaller venues. It has a 9L water tank which is decent for any single person or kitchen purposes. This cooler is available at very affordable prices with superb features such as air purification filters that provide fresh and filtered cool air.

Honeycomb cooling pads and cool flow dispensers channelize water distribution to ensure effective and better cooling. Also, the castor wheel makes it extremely easy for you to carry it around. Generally, cooler walking is a tiring task but castor wheels make it easy for you.

The thrilling part of the story is that it is extremely energy efficient, consumes little electricity. And the powerful pump ensures the long life of the pump which is very necessary for effective cooling during summer.

#2. Vego Atom And Personal Air Cooler

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Experts’ Review

This cooler ranks second on the list of Best Air Cooler under 2000. This Vigo Mini Cooler is available exclusively on Amazon in one-person use and in white. Beautiful design and compact size is the attractive thing about this cooler. However, it has good cooling capacity and quality features and is also available at affordable prices.

Its water tank has a capacity of 6L, which is slightly less, but its honeycomb cooling pads will not let you feel as they ensure a better cooling experience. Also, it consumes 50 watts of power. So forget the stress of the big electricity bill.

3-way speed control and quiet performance will give you controlled and noise-free cooling. And the hidden fact is that it can also run on a cooler inverter. Therefore you do not need to be completely dependent on electricity. If you need a cooler for one person, then you should consider it.

#3. Maharaja Whiteline Frostair 20 CO-126 Air Cooler

air coolers under 2000

Experts’ Review

The Maharaja Whiteline Frostair Air Cooler is the stylish and superior cooler in this price range. It can run on a cooler inverter, and effectively cover 160 square feet of room. And it is equipped with a 20L water tank to throw cold air.

The power consumption is 125 watts, which means that it consumes very little power. And it is available on Amazon in two colors white and gray.

Besides, this cooler is convenient and effective. Castor wheels add convenience for you so that you can move it easily. Product dimensions are 46 cm X 36 cm X 92 cm and 12 kg weight. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty making it a trustful cooler.

#4. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

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Experts’ Review

The Symphony Diet 12T air cooler comes with a 12L water tank and is ideally designed for room sizes up to 25 cubic meters. Like every other air cooler, it also works best when it has good cross-ventilation. Honeycomb pads and cool flow dispensers contribute to the improved cooling experience offered by the cooler.

This cooler ranks fourth on the list of Best Air Cooler under 2000. Its powerful pump and easy to use control panel lets you control fan speed, cooling, and swing settings. Besides, air purification filters provide fresh and dust-free air. Also, it is very economical and energy-efficient as compared to any other cooler in the market.

Due to the availability of castor wheels, you can easily take it anywhere. Furthermore, it reduces your dependence on electricity as it can run smoothly on the inverter. In simple words, this cooler is a complete package and is worthy of your consideration.

#5. Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler

Experts’ Review

This 12L water tank cooler is manufactured by Kenstar, and kenstar is one of the best air cooler suppliers in India. It can throw air up to 35 feet away, indicating its high-performance capability. It is equipped with 4-way air deflection and 3-speed control which increases your control over coolness.

This cooler ranks fifth on the list of Best Air Cooler under 2000. Also, it is economical and easy to install, this cooler is a great option if you need cooler for 20 sq ft room. Castor wheels are available, which are most likable in today’s time.

Honeycomb pads, stylish design, effective cooling, and low power consumption are the most preferred features by customers. And a hidden fact about it is that it cools the room evenly.

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