Bajaj Platini px97 room air cooler review @2021 (Full Details)

Are you thinking of buying Bajaj Platini px97 room air cooler? But in doubt, does this cooler have all the features that can meet all your summer requirements.

Then you don’t need to be skeptical anymore because this article has all the necessary information that you should know before purchasing this air cooler so that you can make the right choice, and also save your money and time.

This Bajaj Platini PX 97 Torque 36-Liter Personal Air Cooler Review article contains information about the characteristics of the cooler, material quality, customer experience, best prices, positivity and negatives, and customer reviews.

This article is not only going to help you get all the useful information but also help you to buy this air cooler at the lowest price by giving you a purchase link.

Everything about Bajaj Platini Px97 Air cooler

Bajaj is already a famous brand and manufactures high-performance air coolers. This Bajaj Platini PX 97 Torque Personal Air Cooler is one of the best air coolers in Bajaj.

It has a water tank capacity of 36 L, which is sufficient for one night. There is no need to worry about replenishing it again and again as it has good water potential. There are other versions of this, in which only the difference of water tank capacity is there.

The 3-sided honeycomb cooling pad is the secret to its high cooling capacity. Honeycomb cooling pads are high-quality pads because they have high water holding capacity resulting in better cooling. Typically, coolers falling under the Rs 6000 price range do not have honeycomb pads.

It has auto louvers that can throw air in four directions, which makes it a more convenient air cooler for use. The louver’s motion can be controlled through its round controller.

It has 3-speed control so that you can set the level of cooling in the room. It is necessary for infants because facing high cooling can be harmful to them.

It is a very quiet performance air cooler, which means that you will have a peaceful sleep at night. It has turbofan technology through which you enjoy the most soothing time with this cooler.

Castor wheels give you the freedom to move the air cooler from one place to another easily. For this, you do not need to lift the air cooler, and this is a very beneficial feature.

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Power consumption is 100 watts of electricity bills will not be large. Besides, this inverter is compatible, beneficial for areas where electricity is regularly cut off.

It can effectively cover a room of 150 square feet so use it for smaller rooms and a better option for 1-2 person use.

Bajaj Platini px97 Specifications:

  • Water tank capacity: 36 Liters
  • Best for the small rooms: Under 140 sq ft.
  • Power consumption: 100 watt
  • Inverter compatible
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • Castor wheels
  • Water level Indicator
  • Rust-free plastic body
  • Four-way air deflection
  • 3-speed control
  • 1-year warranty

Not included:

  • No remote control
  • No humidity control
  • No auto-fill water inlet
  • No Dry run protection

Positive points:

  • Honeycomb cooling pads: Honeycomb cooling pads are the highest quality cooling pads in the world, and usually, you do not find these pads in these low priced air coolers.
  • Perfect price: The price of Bajaj Platini PX97 air cooler is equal to its value, ie, buying this cooler is a good deal.
  • Suitable for all climates and coastal deserts
  • Powerful Air Throw: Its powerful air throw has the ability to throw air to every corner, due to which the temperature of the room decreases rapidly.

Negative points:

  • Bad service center: Customers say that in case of any defect in the cooler, they faced a problem to get the cooler serviced, But it is not necessary that you have to face the exact problem at Bajaj Service Center.
  • No dry run protection: You will not be able to use the cooler without water, as this can cause water pump damage.

Keep a few things in Mind:

1. Pungent smell:

On the first run, the Bajaj Platini px97 air cooler produces some pungent odor, and that is due to its plastic body and disinfectant/chemical.

  • What to do: Just keep it on in an open area for a few hours so that all the smell comes out, and then enjoy the fresh and cool air.

2. Cross-ventilation:

For highly effective cooling, place it in an area where cross ventilation is good because the cooler uses atmospheric fresh air for room cooling. Cross-ventilation means the continuous movement of air through and out of the room through the window.

Customer experience:

  • Buyers of Bajaj Platini Coolers around the world gave it a 4/5 star rating on Amazon.
  • They say that this cooler has all the high-quality features at affordable prices.
  • Also, its small and portable size increases the comfort level.
  • But never forget to measure the area of your room before purchasing anĀ Bajaj air cooler 2020.
  • Sometimes it produces an irritating sound when the water tank is about to empty.
  • It produces a pungent odor due to its plastic body.
  • Its cooling capacity is really good and is the best choice for small rooms.

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