Top 5 Best air cooler brands in India 2020 ( Best Products & About)

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1. Symphony Limited.

Symphony is the largest air cooler manufacturer in the world, it was established in the year 1988 and is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. By the way, the symphony also makes its mark in 33 other countries. In simple words, Symphony is a great artist of the air cooler industry.

As the company grew larger, they shifted their focus towards manufacturing other products such as water heaters, purifiers, washing machines, household flour mills, room heaters, and exhaust fans.

But with experience, Symphony realized that his strength lay in the manufacture of air coolers. So they started paying full attention to the manufacture of air coolers.

Symphony launched several high-performance air coolers with advanced technologies such as touch-based and motion-based control sensors and mosquito repellent and air cleaning technology. They took the air cooler industry too far with their constant innovations and enhancing facilities.

Symphony air coolers work on the evaporation process, as like sweat cools your body after passing air. Symphony does not use any chemicals for cooling. Instead, they use fresh air and water to cool your room. Air coolers are better for asthmatic patients than using AC.

Symphony manufactures three types of air coolers – residential, commercial and industrial. Their air coolers, which cater to all the needs of customers – a quiet home, busy office or bustling factory.

They produce powerful air coolers for you. And if you are looking for an air cooler, you will definitely find one that meets all your requirements.

2. Orient Electric

Orient Electric Limited is one of the leading brands in the manufacture of electrical products such as selling fans, lighting, home appliances, and switchgear. they started in 1939 but as a paper maker. Orient is part of the diverse Indian conglomerate CK Birla Group.

They are brilliant in what they do, they come with constant innovation in their products, and believe in providing you with the best products. It is the second-largest manufacturer of LED bulbs.

Orient believes in creating great products for their consumers, they come up with new and innovations every time. They make everything with care.

Orient has an amazing presence globally as an electrical product industry. They have been serving the world for the past 60 years and setting benchmarks for other manufacturers, supplying their products to 40 international markets.

3. Crompton

Crompton is one of the big brands in India, serving the country for the last 75 years. Innovation is in their blood, they come up with advance innovation that caters to all the needs of the consumer, and provides solutions to its consumers.

Crompton manufactures four types of air coolers:

1   Personal cooler.
2.  Tower cooler.
3.  Window cooler.
4.  Desert Cooler.

Crompton air coolers are reliable and work efficiently over the long term. If you are searching for an air cooler for a small room, go for an individual air cooler, and if you need an air cooler for a large room, go for a desert air cooler.

Crompton delivered some amazing products with advancing technology last year and introduced the world to the first dust filter technology in air coolers.

4. Kenstar

kenstar was founded in India in 1996 and introduced branded air coolers in India. Later, they started manufacturing more electrical products. They are not the oldest in the market, but they are brilliant in what they do.

Stylish and highly efficient air coolers are the specialty of kenstar. You can completely trust this brand, kenstar will never break your trust.

They believes that today’s lifestyle is the right mix of work, life, sports, party, friends, and family. Understanding this lifestyle, they constantly make changes and innovate products so that they can meet all your needs and give you a comfortable lifestyle.

5. Bajaj Electricals. 

Bajaj was established on 14 July 1938. Bajaj manufactured air coolers at affordable prices for customers with great features. They are on the list of top brands of air coolers. Like every other top air cooler company, their first moto of manufacturing is innovation and high-quality products.

“Enhancing quality of life and bringing happiness with stability” is the first line on their official website. They like to give a relaxing life with their products but in a permanent nature.

They believe in integrity, teamwork, empowerment, customer enjoyment, innovation, and trust. They work under all these to keep their customers happy and delightful.

The brand is in the list of top 5 air cooler brands in India, as they aspire to serve high-quality products to their customers.

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