Top 5 Blue star Air coolers in India 2020 (Price, Reviews, & Suggestions)

Air cooler is the most economical way to live in summer relief. These not only give you coolness but are also good for health. In this article, the focus is only on Blue Star Air Coolers. 

After a good research, the best air coolers from Blue Star have been brought for you, which will not only meet your needs but will also be in your budget.

Blue Star Air Coolers are very powerful and good and they come with a beautiful and stylish design. You will get full control of the air cooler in your hand with features like a remote control.

So let’s see Blue Star’s Five Best Air Coolers.

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#1. Blue Star OA60LMA 60 Liter Slim Desert Air Cooler

blue star air coolers

Experts’ Review

This 60L Blue Star Air Cooler is a high quality desert cooler equipped with advanced features. It has the ability to meet all your summer needs. Its contemporary design and user-friendly features make it one of the most popular air coolers.

The ice chamber will ensure rapid cooling, which is an important requirement for today’s fast world. Apart from this, it can also run on inverter which completely reduces your dependence on electricity. UV coat protection, thermal overload protection, cord winder makes this cooler very convenient and high quality.

Honeycomb cooling pads are the reason for its better cooling. This cooler is effectively serving a lot of buyers worldwide. And with a large number of positive reviews, the product created its own bright spot.

#2. Blue Star DA60EEA Desert Air Cooler With Reomte

blue star air coolers

Experts’ Review

This cooler will overcome all of your heat problems with a tremendous capacity for fastest and effective cooling. The remote control makes many things easier and can also operate the swing. High efficient honeycomb cooling pad ensures better cooling.

With high-performance capability, its power consumption is low and it comes with intelligent features such as empty water tank alarms, cross drift technology and digital display. The castor wheel ensures its high mobility. People like this product because it satisfies their needs effectively.

Like other coolers, it works more effectively where cross ventilation is good. In addition, this cooler offers facilities like purification system, cord winder, autofill and ice chamber. I have not found any negative point of this cooler in all my research. Which ensures one thing that you will not regret after purchasing it. So just go for it.

#3. Blue Star PA35LMA 35 Liter Tower Air Cooler

Experts’ Review

This beautiful and stylish looking blue star air cooler comes with a 35L water tank. The power consumption is 140 watts, which means no big bills. And superior cooling is ensured by superior cooling pads. This cooler is preferred by a lot of buyers as it provides value and satisfies all needs.

UV Protect Coat, Thermal Overload Protection, Cord Winder, and Ice Chamber are plus factors that enhance the comfort and performance of this product. In addition, it can easily run on the inverter, so there is no worry of power cuts.

Apart from all the positive things, it has a negative, its water inlet is a bit problematic, but it doesn’t bother that much. It is a well designed cooler with multiple speed control technology. If you are looking for a quality and stylish air cooler then you should consider it.

#4. Blue Star DA35LMA 35 Liter Desert Air Cooler

blue star air coolers

Experts’ Review

It is a 35L water cooler, which has amazing performance capabilities. And it can be run easily on the inverter. Castor wheels make it easy for you to carry it around. It is also equipped with features such as UV Protect Coat, Ice Chamber and Thermal Overload Protection making it a great cooler.

It comes with many controls such as speed, power and functions. And thanks to the honeycomb cooling pad, which ensures better and effective cooling over a longer period of time. This Blue Star Air Cooler is one of the high quality air coolers.

There is no doubt whether you should buy it or not, you should go for it if you want a complete air cooler that brings value. In addition, it comes with 1 warranty.

#5. Blue Star DA75PMA 75 Liter Desert Air Cooler

Experts’ Review

This Blue Star Air Cooler is powered by hybrid cooling technology and comes with a 75L water tank. Yes, this cooler is designed for extreme and effective cooling. The ice chamber ensures rapid cooling. It boasts castor wheels that ensure high maneuverability.

It also runs effectively on the cooler inverter, which is good for the area where power outages are a regular issue. When you buy it on Amazon, you get 1 year warranty on the full product except for plastic parts.

Additionally, the water level indicator will let you know before the water tank is empty. This powerful cooler is ready to serve you in your best way. And fully capable of making you happy even in harsh heat.

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