How to buy the best air cooler to beat summer 2020(Factors & Suggestion )

Are you searching for the best air cooler that meets all your requirements? Well, for this you have to understand the specifications and features of the air cooler.

There are a lot of air cooler brands in the market. All of these launch air coolers with different characteristics and qualities for different needs.

This is so, you cannot use room air coolers in restaurants. Room air coolers have features that can cool only small-sized rooms. 

So, you must first decide whether you need an air cooler for a large hall or small room, then you can proceed to the next step.

Air coolers in the market come with different water capacity, cooling capacity, and technology. The best indoor air cooler brands in the market are Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton, and Kenstar.

In order to help you find the best air cooler, in this article, I have put all the main things that you should consider when buying an air cooler.

Table of Content

      Types of Air cooler

  1. Room Air cooler
  2. Desert Air cooler

      Factors you should consider when buying an air cooler

  1.  Water tank Capacity of Air Cooler.
  2. The cooling capacity of Air cooler
  3. Power Consumption
  4. cooling pad
  5. Mobility of Air cooler (Castor Wheels)
  6. Air Cooler Size
  7. Water level indicator
  8. Ice-Cube Tray
  9. Brand
  10. Air Cooler Price

Types of Air Cooler

All the air coolers in the market fall into three categories with different water capacity and cooling capacity. You can choose air coolers in these 3 categories according to your requirements. 

Note: The properties of air coolers behave differently depending on the number of people in the room.

Air cooler type:

  1. Tower air cooler
  2. Room air cooler
  3. Desert Air Cooler

Water capacity: The ability of an air cooler to hold a small amount of water (liters) at a time. Water helps to cool the air so that you can enjoy the cool air.

Cooling capacity: The ability of an air cooler to cool to a particular size of the area. Room coolers have lower cooling capacity than desert coolers.

1. Room/tower air coolers

If you want air coolers for small size rooms then room coolers are the best option due to their small size and amazing cooling capacity.

Room air coolers are also called personal air coolers. Room air coolers are used to cool small room sizes from 100 to 300 square feet. They are more suitable for humid conditions.

They are small size air coolers and lightweight, they can be moved easily.

Room air cooler prices are lower than desert air coolers. The power consumption of the room air cooler is less, you can relax about the bill.

It has the capacity to wear 20 to 30 liters of water, giving a longer cooling experience.

2. Desert Air Coolers

If your requirement is for large size rooms such as large halls, restaurants, etc., then you should go for a desert air cooler.

Desert air coolers are designed for extreme cooling of large room sizes, they are suitable for dry conditions.

Desert air coolers are larger in size and are placed on the window for effective cooling.

It comes with a capacity of 30 to 70 liters of water which gives you coolness for a long time.

Extreme cooling capacity and large size make it expensive compared to room air coolers.

Factors you should consider when buying an air cooler

1. Water tank Capacity of Air Cooler.

If you do not like to fill the air cooler tank often for cooling, then you should look at the large water tank air cooler. Larger sized water tanks provide cold air for a longer time. These have higher water capacity.

Some advance air coolers consume less water and provide a longer cooling experience. 

My suggested Air cooler is Bajaj DC 2050 DLX 70-Litre Room Air Cooler

2. Cooling capacity of Air cooler.

The capability of the air cooler to cool the particular size of the area. You have to calculate the area of your room then choose the best air cooler according to it.

for example:

If you have a restaurant that is 400 square feet in size. You bought the room air cooler, so you made the wrong decision. Desert Air Cooler is the best choice for your restaurant.

3. Power Consumption

Well, nobody likes high electricity bills. So check the power consumption specification in the air cooler.

Air coolers that consume power between 160 watts/hour to 220 watts/hour are good.

Check Carefully!

Check out these Electricity Saving 5 Best Air Cooler in India. CLICK HERE

4. cooling pad

The cooling pad is responsible for the cooling of the air. The pumps circulate the water on the cooling pad, and when air from the surrounding enters the cooler. The moisture on the cooling pad soaks up the heat of the air and evaporates. Finally, you experience cold air.

There are mainly two types of cooling pads used in air coolers, the honeycomb cooling pad and the wooden wool cooling pad.

Honeycomb cooling pads are thick and have a honeycomb design. These are the best cooling pads with qualities such as durability, efficiency, and low maintenance.

Thicker cooling pads are suitable for the best cooling experience.

Wooden wool cooling pads are very reasonable with low durability, low efficiency.

Check out the 5 Best air cooler with Honeycomb Cooling Pads.

5. Mobility of Air cooler (Castor Wheels)

If you want to use your single air cooler at different times in different places, then you need to select an air cooler with castor wheels.

Castor wheels increase mobility. You can take it anywhere with a little force.

Some air coolers also come with detachable castor wheels. There are two types of castor wheels, plastic wheels, and heavy-duty castor wheels.

Plastic wheels are not suitable for long-lasting. Heavy-duty caster wheels are made of thick rubber and metal material, they are good for the long-term.

Check out 5 Best air cool with Castor Wheel.

6. Air Cooler Size

Check its dimensions and choose the best air cooler for you. An air cooler that is not the size of your bed and is not able to throw cold air at you is of no use.

7. Water level indicator

The water level indicator is an indicator that shows the level of water available in the water tank of the air cooler so that you do not need to look into it to check the water level.

The water level helps in many ways. You will know before the water tank is empty.

When filling the water tank, the indicator will show you that the water tank is full, ensuring that you do not overfill it.

8. Ice-Cube Tray

Due to the ice cube tray feature, you will be able to add ice to it. When the ice melts, the cold water will mix with the tank water and cool the tank water to some degree.

9. Brand

Choose a Popular Brand!

The best indoor air cooler brands in the market are:


10. Air Cooler Price.

Air cooler brands popular in India produce air coolers priced between rs. 6000 to 10000 Rs.

Check out these five best air coolers in India.

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