"4 Horrible Facts of Crompton Optimus 65"

Must know before buying (Don't waste your money)


But maybe you do not know the whole truth about this cooler right now. 

Yes, there is no doubt that it cools very well but is that enough?

Today I want to give you some important information related to this cooler,

then you decide whether you will buy it or not because everyone earns money by hard work, So we hope that our money is INVEST IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

So let’s begin…

#1. Fact

Many customers who buy this cooler say that cleaning this cooler from the inside is a headache because its structure is like this. Overall the thing is that you will spend more time cleaning it.

As far as its cooling capacity is concerned, it is amazing, its performance is very good.

Its cleanliness is not a problem for many people they enjoy its great performance as everything is good if the cooling capability is good.

#2. Fact

Many customers believe that its size is a bit big, but if compared to other Desert coolers, then its size is correct – neither too big nor too small. 

But its size can matter to you and it depends on what is your room size. Those whose room is very small may face some problem. 

If it is right according to your room size then you can buy it without any hesitation.

#3. Fact

Look, I will not say that the service of Crompton is absolutely useless because its service has been better than before and many new service centers have been opened. Even if you buy this cooler from Amazon, you will get good service.

But if you live in a place where there is no service center then you will have a problem. But there is no such harm in buying online. Now check its lowest online price.

#4. Fact

If you read the reviews of Crompton Optimus 65 in different places, then you will find that the customers are liking the features of the coolers very much but due to the ineffective pieces, they face problem in getting them replaced whereas if you buy it online then you can easily get it. Will be able to replace.

Many times there are problems like leakage, swing not working properly etc., which you will come to know as soon as you use it, then without wasting time get a new piece.


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The Crompton Optimus 65 comes at a good price with great features. It has many advanced features like Humidity controller, Auto drain and Auto fill, 4 way air deflection, and many more which make this cooler worth buying and we can without any worries. You can invest your money in it.

If you want to know about its features in detail, then you can watch this video or see this Crompton Optimus review article.