Let’s know how the air cooler works: Simple and Detailed explanation 2020

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Explaination of air cooler working

Do you wonder how the air cooler works ?? Air coolers work on the evaporation process. As we know that the air cooler has a water tank that contains water. Water is circulated on the cooling pad through the pipe. When the air cooler starts, atmospheric air is drawn through the cooling pad into the air cooler. 

The moisture available on the cooling pad absorbs the heat of atmospheric air and evaporates, resulting in the air being cold. And finally, the fan throws cold air into the room and this is how the air cooler works.

Deep Insight

How is water circulated on the cooling pad ?? All air coolers have a motor in the water tank, which is further connected to a pump, and that pump is fixed above the cooling pad. 

As you turn on the air cooler, motor, and fan, the motor starts pushing water to flow through the pipe in an upward direction, and through the pipe, the water finally reaches the other end of the pump. And is spread on the cooling pad. 

Thus water is circulated on the cooling pad, and the cooling pad gets wet and further processing.Cooling pads play a huge role in cooling the air, without cooling pads, fans will only throw warm atmospheric air, which no one wants. 

Cooling pads hold the moisture content, so that when atmospheric air is drawn inside, the cooling pad’s moisture absorbs the heat of the air, resulting in cool air.


Race between Air cooler and AC

Air coolers are found to be very environmentally friendly compared to AC because the air cooler uses fresh air and water to cool your room, which is a natural way of cooling. Air conditioners use chemicals, which are not good for health. AC is also not safe for an asthma patient but there are air coolers.

Yes, it is true that AC provides more comfort than air coolers, but it is harmful compared to air coolers. AC also destroys the environment. AC gases participated in the decay of the ozone layer. Due to which, harmful sun rays enter our atmosphere, and cause many health diseases.

Air coolers are available in the market at very cheap prices!

Today, AC is a status symbol, which is not good for humanity. You have to understand that our earth is losing its quality, you should be worried about it. Otherwise, the end is very near.

Tips to Increase efficiency

Today, even air coolers are coming with advanced technologies such as touch systems, dust filters, humidity control, etc. There are several ways by which you can increase the efficiency of your cooler.

1. Proper ventilation: This means, a constant outlet and inlet of air through the window so that fresh air comes into the room continuously, and a cool atmosphere is generated. Therefore, you should install the air cooler in such a way that continuous airflow is not interrupted.

2. Proper cleaning of water tank: Yes, regular cleaning of the air cooler will definitely increase the life of the air cooler. In terms of maintenance, AC is more helpful, there is no need for regular maintenance.

3. Proper care of cooling pads: See, the cooling pads should be in good condition, so as to give a great cooling experience. Therefore you should pay attention to the cooling pad. By the way, there are two types of cooling pads in the market. Honeycomb and wood wool cooling pads, of these two, honeycomb cooling pads are more reliable, durable than wood wool cooling pads.

4. Proper function of the motor: Due to the accumulation of dust or something, sometimes the motors are not able to pump water upward, and cooling pads remain without moisture. This way you will just get hot summer air, so it should have a proper working motor.

5. Proper water tank: Please ensure that there is no leakage problem in your water tank.

Problem with Air coolers

It is good that the air cooler works on evaporation, but the air cooler may not work efficiently in moist areas but AC can. In moist areas, there is already too much moisture available in the air, so the air does not have the ability to hold more water. 

when you turn on the air cooler in humid areas, you will see that the cooling pad’s moisture does not absorb heat. Has been , Resulting in no evaporation, which causes hot air to flow.

To get you out of this problem, some large companies offer humidity control facilities in air coolers which makes air coolers efficient in any environment.


Now that you know how an air cooler actually works, let us go deeper into the concepts. See, India is the only manufacturer of air coolers. Air coolers have many drawbacks, but it is more convenient than any other medium. Indian companies are developing air coolers in a new way to meet all the requirements of their customers.

The air cooler industry is growing rapidly, but due to the increase in living standards, people start choosing AC instead of air coolers. If this is how things will proceed, then we need to find a new home on other planets soon.

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