How to make Air coolers (2 Best Methods: Simple and Easy to Implement)

Are you wondering how to make air coolers at home? Then this article will help you make this possible. See, air coolers work on a very simple process of evaporation. Chemicals and gases are not used in air coolers. So from this, you can guess that making air cooler at home is not that difficult. Regardless of educational background, anyone can do it.

People think that making air coolers at home is possible only for students from engineering backgrounds, but this is not true. You can make anything you want, the one thing you need is the right path.

When you look at the technical aspects of air coolers, you will find that the air cooler is the simplest machine, and it simply works on the principle of evaporation. 

And when it comes to the materials needed to make an air cooler at home, it depends on your project type. First project, if you need it for school project and second project is for domestic use. 

Yes, there are two ways to make an air cooler. The school project air coolers requires limited and simple material. Just like you can use plastic to make the body of the air cooler and it is also very cheap, school project air coolers are just for fun, you will not be able to use them at home.

But if you want an air cooler for the home then you will have to invest a little in parts and machines. In this, you have to use metals instead of plastic.

This article is going to teach you two procedures for making air coolers, which are very simple and easy to implement. If you master these two processes, which are very simple to do, I promise you will be able to make air coolers for any purpose.

Are you excited? I am very excited to take you on the journey of making an air cooler, but before I clarify a few points, the process of making an air cooler for home use is easy, but it requires a little effort, Yes your homemade air cooler will be cheaper than the market air cooler but not as efficient. So it is also a good idea to buy an air cooler instead of making it at home.

Are you ready!

Let’s find out how to make air coolers, the first way is for school projects and the second is for home use.

Let’s start with the school’s air cooler projects.

#1. First Method for School Projects

Material required: 1 plastic box with a round plastic lid, 1 knife, 1 toy DC motor, wires, batteries, buttons, coke plastic bottle, lightweight plastic fan, and glue.

How to Complete Circuit?

Take two different wires of finite length, connecting one wire to the terminal of the motor and the other wire to the other terminal. Now, connect the other end of any wire to the terminal of the button. Take another separate new wire and connect it to the other terminal of the button, now we have two open ends, which we will connect with the battery. Well done circuit is complete!

Video Summary

#Step 1: Make a hole in the center of the round plastic lid for the motor. Then insert the motor into the hole and glue it, making sure it does not remain loose.

#Step 2: Make several small holes on the round plastic lid for continuous transmission of airflow.

#Step 3: Cut an open cylinder from a coke plastic bottle.

#Step 4: Cut a circle from one face of the plastic box, making sure that the radius of the circle is slightly smaller than the cylinder radius, but not too much. Otherwise, the airflow will not improve.

#Step 5: Fix the cylinder horizontally over the hole of the circle and stick it.

#Step 6: Join the fan and the motor’s rotor together.

#Step 7: Carefully cover the plastic box by the lid.

great! Your homemade air cooler is ready.

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