Learn how to Repair Air cooler at home 2020 (Basic Guide)

how to repair air cooler

How to Repair Air cooler?

Many people in India use air coolers for a comfortable summer. Here air coolers are considered more beneficial than air conditioners and this is also true because India is a hot country and air coolers work quite well here.

The air conditioner is the best option in western countries as there is high humidity and air cooler works best in dry weather.

But the problem comes when the air cooler stops working properly, there can be many reasons such as the cooler part being damaged or not being able to cool properly.

In this article, I have found some ways for you to be able to repair the air cooler at home. These methods will not only increase the performance of the cooler but also make it effective.

In addition, you will also learn to repair parts of the cooler, so that you will not have to spend money anywhere else.

How to Repair the Water pump?

First of all, we will start how to repair the water pump..

The water pump needs to work properly for good cooling as the water reaches the cooling pads through the water pump itself. Then when the air comes in through the cooling pads, the water evaporates by absorbing heat from the air.

The cooler then only throws cool air. So this is why the water pump needs to work properly.

  1. First, take out the water pump from the cooler then separate the pump and motor.
  2. Remove the magnetic road from inside the motor.
  3. Clean the carbon crust on the magnetic road.
  4. Clean the inside of the motor as well.
  5. Then fit the magnetic road back into the motor.
  6. Now the water pump has been repaired and it will start pumping water properly.

The water pump stops pumping water properly due to the carbon crust inside. The water pump works properly after the carbon crust is released.

Safety Measures

While repairing, you will have to take care of some things like making sure that the cooler is not getting electricity supply.

If you feel that the water pump is damaged then buy a new water pump. Good water pump prices range between 200 and 350.

How to improve cooling?

The second thing is that many times the cooler does not provide good cooling. There can be many reasons for this to happen, so let’s see with their solutions.

#1. The water pump may not be able to pump water properly. So for that, you can learn to repair the above method or buy a new water pump.

#2. The cooler may be placed in a place where cross ventilation is not working properly.

#3. You can also increase cooling by adding ice to the ice chamber. And if there is no ice chamber in your cooler, then you put cold water in the water tank itself, by doing this your cooler will start giving good cooling.

#4. Cooling pads not working well also affects cooling. So use a cooling pad that has more water retention capability.

#5. Check whether the fan motor is working well or not. Because only the fan will not work well, then the cold air will not reach you well.

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