Learn how to use air cooler effectively 2020: (Best Guide & Suggestions)

Air Coolers are the most effective way for most people in India to avoid summer as air cooler is more economical than AC for the people of India.

And if seen from the angle of health, air coolers are the best. In countries like India, where humidity is low, air coolers work very well.

But for the air cooler to work well, many things have to be taken care of. In this article, you will learn how you can use your air cooler efficiently and effectively.

So let’s see how you can make your cooler even more effective so that you can enjoy good cooling every summer season.

How to use Air cooler effectively?

Many people misunderstand that air coolers also act as air conditioners and will give them good cooling by keeping them inside and closing the room. But this does not happen, air coolers work on the evaporation process. The coolers continuously bring the air inside out and while the AC circulates the air inside it frequently.

1. Proper Cross – Ventilation

See the cooler works on the evaporation process and draws air from outside which comes in through the cooling pads. The water in the cooling pads absorbs the heat from the air and evaporate, then the fan throws the cold air.

So the cooler works well in a place where there is a proper facility for ventilation. For this, you can open the windows of your room.

By doing this, the humidity level and temperature of the room will not increase and effective cooling will continue.

Safety measure

Keep in mind that you have not opened the window too much, otherwise the temperature of the room will start increasing instead of decreasing. You can check this by adjusting the window.

2. Use Ice Chamber

To further improve the cooling efficiency of the air cooler, you can add ice to water or use cold water. And nowadays the ice chamber facility is available in the coolers, in which you can directly pour ice.

Coldwater can absorb excess heat, which improves cooling, but excessively cold water reduces the evaporation rate, which reduces cooling.

3. Proper Cleaning of Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are a very important part of the coolers as they convert hot air into cold air. Now you can understand that without cooling pads, the coolers simply become a wind blower like a fan, Which does not make you feel comfortable in the scorching heat.

Therefore, the cooling pads should be cleaned periodically, so that the water retention capacity of the cooling pads is maintained and the cooler gives effective cooling.

You can take care of one more thing like buy a cooling pad which has high water retention ability. Honey cooling pads are the best and last for a long time.

4. Proper working of fan

After working for hours, if the dirt gets collected on the fan, then keep cleaning the fan of the cooler on time so that it can throw air properly.

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