Is air cooler safe for health? Let’s learn 2020

A lot of facts exist in the market that say the air cooler is perfectly healthy or some say it is not, although most of them are just rumors. So this article will help you to get a right answer. 

A lot of research has been done on this topic in the past, and this article will cover many of them. There is nothing in this world which has only positive side, some negative also. 

But I can assure you that after reading this article you will know how you can reduce the negative effects by simple changes.

This article is going to cover:

  • Is the air cooler safe for health?
  • Air Cooler Vs Air Conditioner – Which Is Better?

Is air cooler safe for health?

1. Is the air cooler safe for health?

The air cooler provides cooling in a natural way, with no use of harmful gases in the process. Only fresh water and fresh air are used to produce cooling, by which we can clearly see that there is no harm in using an air cooler.

Many types of research say that air coolers are the most eco-friendly way to get cooling comfort in summer. The air cooler works on the principle of evaporation, which is completely natural and does no harm to the environment as well as humans.

Some say that air coolers increase humidity, and this increases the likelihood of bacterial and fungal growth. But India has a tropical climate, which means that there is not much moisture in the air so air coolers are the best option for such countries.

Apart from all these facts, there is some situation where you have to care about small things.

2. Air Cooler Vs Air Conditioner – Which Is Better?

Yes, coolers are better than air conditioners for many reasons. Air coolers and ACs have different processes for cooling. Air cooler draws fresh air from outside to inside. 

Whereas, ACs circulate the room air repeatedly, which have many harmful effects to humans. That is why air cooler is better for asthma patients than air conditioner.

Quick difference between air cooler and air conditioner:

1. Air coolers are more effective than AC

Frequent air flow from the air cooler increases the cooling and air quality in the room. Therefore air cooler is more effective.

2. Economical

There is a lot of difference in the price of the cooler and the AC, because the air cooler is much less expensive than the AC. Coolers are more economical for humans as well as healthier, so there may be no other reason not to buy a cooler instead of AC.

3. Environment friendly

One thing you should know is that ACs produce CFC gases, which are very harmful to our environment. The ozone layer filters harmful radiation from the sun, and CFCs have the ability to react with the ozone layer and break it down.

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Any Querry?

If you have any doubt about a product or you are still not sure which air cooler would be best for you, you can ask me in the comment section, I would like to help you choose the best air cooler. Do not hesitate to ask me anything, just comment below for any questions, I will reach you with a solution within 10 hours.

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