Mixer Grinder

The Sujata Powermatic Plus strikes an excellent balance between price and features. You get the 900W powerhouse of a motor that can grind just about anything, long run time without overheating worries, and a good enough build quality.

It is decently built and should last for several years (of course, with due care). The ABS plastic that houses the 900W motor unit is durable, and all of this Sujata juicer mixer grinder’s jars are ABS Plastic. This mixie is popular in juice parlors and can withstand heavy use.

For any juicer, the motor plays a vital role in its success. If the motor is not powerful, you certainly don’t get the desired results. Here, there’s an extra powerful 900 Watts motor at your job!

This motor is highly reliable, ad capable of providing you juicing, mixing, and grinding functions for continuously much longer than other juicer mixers at this price do.

In its department, Sujata Juicer is truly unbeatable. No matter its juicer, grinding function, or perfect mixing/blending, this appliance makes everything possible, firstly in lesser time, and secondly, with unbeatable perfection.

Regarding durability, this Sujata model doesn’t let you bother. It’s sturdy enough to juice for you for years to come. Overall, the building material is superb, and also it consumes lesser power.

So, after 29 hours of testing, experimentation, and other comparisons with other models, we conclude that This Juicer Mixer and Grinder from Sujata is a highly beneficial purchase.

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