5 Best Symphony air coolers with remote control 2020 (Reviews & Price list)

Are you planning to buy a symphony air cooler with remote? Then now you don’t have to wait any longer to get it, I wrote this article after extensive research about air coolers, it contains 5 best symphony remote control air coolers in India.

Nowadays, air coolers are coming to the Indian market with advanced features, which enhances their convenience, performance and durability. And remote control air coolers are one of them.

Symphony air coolers with remote controls are very popular in the market due to many factors. The remote enhances convenience, as you can control many features of the air cooler such as blower or fan speed, switch on-off, air throw direction, etc. by not touching the cooler.

Symphony offered different remote air coolers with different functionality, some could control almost everything, and some could perform some specific tasks.

Symphony is one of the popular brands in India. For a long time, Symphony manufactures high performance and world class air coolers in India and distributes worldwide.

This article includes the 5 Best Symphony Air Coolers with their latest pricing, functionality, and expert reviews based on customer experience. This will help you make the right decision.

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#1. Symphony Diet 50i 50 Litre Air Cooler

symphony air coolers with remote

Experts’ Review

This air cooler is one of the best tower air coolers manufactured by Symphony. Its sleek and stylish design continues to win customers’ hearts. It is equipped with all-new generation features such as auto level movement, empty tank alarm, and remote control, which increase the comfort level. Also, you are getting all these features at affordable prices.

The wheels make it easy for you to carry it around. Its full functioning remote control gives you total control of the cooler in your hands. Its 50L water tank is enough to provide you long-term coolness in summer. Also, it is highly energy-efficient, will consume less power.

It comes with a dust filter, which ensures air quality and honeycomb cooling pad provides active cooling. Last word, this Diet 50i Symphony Air Cooler with Remote is worth its price.

#2. Symphony Winter 80 XL i Plus Desert Air Cooler

symphony air coolers with remote

Experts’ Review

It is a Symphony Winter 80 XL I + Powerful Desert Air Cooler that can also run on the inverter. It is equipped with i-Pure technology with a multistage air purification system that provides fresh and cool air. The four sides highly effective honeycomb pad ensures active cooling, has an 80 L water tank, and is best for 130 cubic meters of room.

It consumes very little electricity, which means no major electricity bill. SMPS will protect your cooler from voltage fluctuations. The remote control makes it easy for you to do many things, such as switching between different fan speeds and modes.

The Castor wheel contributes to increasing the comfort of the cooler. It has tremendous potential to meet all your summer needs and make you comfortable in summer.

#3. Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler

symphony air coolers

Experts’ Review

This cooler comes with a 31L water tank and is ideally designed for room sizes up to 50 cubic meters. Honeycomb cooling pads contribute to better cooling. Its motor operates on SMPS technology. It is powered by i-pure technology with multistage air purification filters such as allergy filters, bacteria filters, odor filters that ensure fresh and filtered air.

Its fully functional remote control makes it a very convenient product for you. A lot of air coolers come with a remote, but it is one of the best that is available at a lower price. It can smoothly run on inverter power, and also consumes less power.

Also, castor wheels make it easy for you to carry it around. Empty water tank alarms, stylish design, and intelligent i-function make it a new generation air cooler.

#4. Symphony Diet 3D 40i Tower Air Cooler

Experts’ Review

This high-performance air cooler, with a 40L water tank, is fully capable of giving you a better cooling experience than any other at this affordable price. Three-side honeycomb cooling pads, a powerful pump, ensure effective cooling and consistent performance of the cooler.

SMPS technology protects the motor from voltage fluctuations. Voltage fluctuations can damage the motor, but you don’t have to think about it. It can adequately cover an area of ??55 cubic meters. Its control panel is user friendly and easy to use. Castor wheels make it convenient; You can move it around quickly.

And its beautiful magnetic remote control makes your life easier. Besides, the empty water tank alarm powered by i-Pure technology with a multistage air purification filter improves air quality and convenience.

#5. Symphony Storm 70i Desert Tower Air Cooler

symphony air coolers

Experts’ Review

This stylish air cooler by Symphony has its premium position in the Indian market. This cooler is equipped with great features, and more importantly, all the elements are excellent. No doubt, this air cooler has tremendous potential to make you happy in the scorching heat. It is the solution to every Summer problem.

A 70 L water tank is more than enough to cool you down for a long time. Three side honeycomb pads, powerful blowers, and air purification improve better cooling, airflow, and air quality. Additionally, it is energy efficient, meaning there is no stress about hefty bills.

Along with automatic louver swing, remote control and cool flow dispenser make this cooler a next-generation product. It can adequately cover an area of 127 cubic meters. If you have a reasonable budget, then you should look forward to this product.

Benefits of buying Symphony Air Cooler with Remote Control

  • Symphony produces high performance and quality products, and Symphony is one of the largest brands in air coolers.
  • The remote control enhances the feature and gives you more control.
  • Remote controlled air coolers are the most stylish and reliable products.

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