Symphony sumo 75 xl air cooler review @2021

So you are here to know whether you should go with Symphony Sumo 75XL Desert Air Cooler or not. And I promise you that this mind-blowing article is going to help you and at the end of this article you will say “ah this is exactly what I wanted to know”.

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I know you may have a lot of questions like is this cooler worth buying for my family? Is there any better option than this? What about its cooling capacity? Where can I buy it the cheapest? Does it make more noise? What are the Pros and Cons of Symphony Sumo 75XL?

But now you don’t need to look around to find all these answers because this article will solve all your doubts and finally, you will know whether this air cooler is suitable for your requirement or not?

Before I start I want to make it clear that this article is written in simple language and it has some strong points in between so don’t skip any part.

Come on, let’s begin…

symphony sumo 75xl air cooler

First, I’ll start with its body, which is made of ABS plastic, a high quality plastic that ensures high resistance to corrosion. Its interior, exterior and fan (5 blades) are all made of plastic.

It can hold 75 liters of water, which is enough for day-to-day use. But if you want more then you can go for its other variant Symphony Sumo 115XL Desert Air Cooler.

3 Side Honeycomb Cooling Pads ensure superior cooling. Additionally, it comes with air filter (i Pure technology), which may seem like advanced things at first glance but in reality, it is not that effective.

If I talk about its cooling capacity, then I have to say that Amazing! there’s no doubt about it. It can easily cover a room of size 15*20 effectively which means you can use it for larger spaces as well.

Features include ice chamber, water level indicator, 4-way air deflection (automatic), 3-speed controls (slow. medium. fast), and 4 castor wheels (Caster wheels come packaged in a separate box, which you can install yourself with the air cooler.).

General Information of symphony sumo 75xl air cooler:

1. The drain plug is provided at the bottom of the air cooler.

2. 2 knobs for speed, pump and swing control.

3. Water filling inlet and overflow hole are on the back side.


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1. Amazing cooling capability.
2. Cool flow dispenser (No fear of pipe choking)
3. Power consumption is low
4. Symphony sumo 75xl sumo price in India is Affordable.
5. Dura pump technology


1. Air filter is not effective.
2. No empty water tank alarm
3. Small Ice chamber

Symphony sumo 75 xl Specifications:

  1. Water tank: 75L
  2. Symphony sumo 75xl Power: 185 watt
  3. Height: 1.7m
  4. Weight: 13.4kg
  5. 3 Side honeycomb cooling pads
  6. Ice chamber
  7. 4 castor wheels
  8. 4-way air deflection
  9. Water level indicator
  10. Cool flow dispenser
  11. Dura pump technology
  12. 2 Knob

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Symphony sumo vs Crompton Optimus, siesta, winter, jumbo, storm? 
    Crompton Optimus 65 is a better option.

  2. Symphony sumo 75 xl noise level?
    Little noisy at the high speed.

  3. One piece of advice for this cooler?
    Don’t overfill it as it can damage castor wheels and water tank.

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