Best wall mounted air coolers in India 2020 ( Review and Price list )

wall mounted air coolers

Have you not found a good wall mounted air cooler yet?

So no problem, I have researched the world’s best wall mounted air coolers for you and they are all present in this article. You can choose any of these for yourself without any hesitation.

Nowadays people want a cooler that covers less space and also gives good performance. Top companies are bringing in such coolers market as their demand is increasing.

Wall mounted coolers not only save space but are also energy efficient, and effective. It also comes with advanced features such as fully functioning remote control and also gives a stylish look to the home.

Symphony is the leading brand of coolers in the country and symphony coolers are the first choice of people. The first to come in this article is Symphony Cloud Wall-Mounted Personal Room Air Cooler.

1#. Symphony Cloud Wall-Mounted Air Cooler

symphony wall mounted air cooler


  • Attractive looks
  • 15L Water tank
  • For room size up to 57 Cubic meter
  • Cool Flow Dispenser
  • Power consumption (225 watt)
  • Inverter compatible
  • Remote control
  • Auto water fill
  • Automatic horizontal and vertical swing
  • Electronic humidity control
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 4 Speed control
  • Powered by i-Pure Technology

Review of Symphony Cloud Wall mounted Air cooler

Symphony Cloud Air Cooler is the best wall mounted cooler in India so far. All its features are great and can be used easily. All the buyers of its product gave it a 4.5 star review, this shows the success of this product.

Features like electronic humidity control allow you to use it in any weather. Also, it comes with a 15 L water tank, in which you do not have to fill water yourself, because of the auto water fill technology, it automatically draws water through the pipe.

You will be able to easily control all its features such as speed control, automatic horizontal and vertical swing, and electronic humidity control through remote control. Remote control makes it very convenient for you to use it.

It consumes 225 watts of power and also works on the inverter so that you will never have to worry about sudden power outages, it will still give you a great cooling experience.

This cooler will keep you comfortable throughout the summer in every possible way. You can buy this Symphony Cloud Wall Mounted Air Cooler online, it will get you a lot cheaper online in comparison to outside.

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