What is Air cooler? 2020 (Room & Desert air coolers)

The air cooler is a device used for cooling purposes. It works on the principle of evaporation and naturally cools. No chemicals are used in the cooler for cooling which is different from an air conditioner. 

Well, there are many differences between coolers and air conditioners. This article will help you to know “what is air cooler”.

The cooler works effectively in dry areas (or areas with low humidity), it cannot work in humid areas because it works on the evaporation principle, it increases the humidity level of the room thereby increasing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

India has a tropical climate, which means low humidity in the air, and that’s why air coolers are widely used by the people of India.

Cooler is an eco-friendly method of cooling as it does not release any harmful gases that may be harmful to the environment as well as humans.

Typically, the cooler consists of a fan or blower, water tank, cooling pad, and motor. But nowadays air cooler manufacturers design ice coolers, auto louver technology, water flow dispensers, water level indicators, castor wheels and many more air coolers with advanced features.

In addition, the latest models of air coolers have humidity control features, which make the air cooler usable in any climate.

How does air cooler work?

When you switch on, its fan and motor start. The motor starts circulating water through the pump to the cooling pad. Atmospheric air is drawn into the cooler. When air is passed through the cooling pad, the moisture available on the cooling pad absorbs heat and evaporates, and the cool air is thrown into the room by the fan.

Advantages of Air Coolers?

Coolers are a pioneer in India because they are economical, environmentally friendly, easily installable, energy-efficient, and effective. With low power consumption, air coolers have a huge potential to effectively cool large-size space.

  • Affordable: Cooler is cheap and effective, you can keep the best brand air cooler in your house within the price range of rs.10000-15000.
  • Environmentally friendly: Coolers do not produce any CFC gas like air conditioners (CFC reacts with the ozone layer and dissipates it)
  • Easy to install: There is no stress in the installation of coolers like air conditioners, but they demand constant cleaning and maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency: They consume less power and are effective.
  • Effective: They are able to give you a comfortable life in harsh heat.

There are three types of coolers, known as room, desert, and tower coolers. You will learn about rooms and desert air coolers in this article.

What is a desert air cooler?

Desert coolers are designed for extreme cooling of large room sizes, and they are suitable for dry conditions. They are usually kept outside the window for effective cooling. With larger sizes and larger water tanks, it can efficiently cool large sized spaces.

Their water tank size is between 60 and 100L and can work effectively for an area of 300+ square feet. Air cooler type varies with a different climate, dry conditions are favorable for a desert cooler to work effectively.

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What is room air cooler?

They are also known as personal air coolers and are suitable for one or two persons. Although they have a small water tank and small size, they are able to keep you comfortable in harsh heat and work best in moist climates.

Their water tank size is between 30 and 60L and can work effectively for 100 to 300+ square feet.

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Terminology of air cooler parts:

1. Motor: It is used for dispersion of water on cooling pads.
2. Water level indicator: It indicates the level of water in the water tank, it is like a reminder. You do not need to look in the water tank to check the water level.
3. Ice Chamber: This is a small section in which you can add ice to it for extreme and fast cooling.
4. Castor Wheel: These wheels help you to move the cooler easily.
5. Air Cooler Fan: The fan is mainly used in desert air coolers to throw air.
6. Blower: Blower is used to throw air in some room air coolers but is less effective than a fan.


Many people around the world wonder what an air cooler is and what principles it works on. An air cooler is a simple machine that is used for cooling and works on the evaporation principle. 

If you want to buy an cooler, but are confused about which one to choose then check out the article on India’s best air coolers, which will show you all the best collections of desert and room coolers.And to learn more about the cooler, ask me in the comments section.

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